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Thank you for visiting my blog!  What to know about me…I am Phoebe, the Edible Woman.  This title may owe allegiance to Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, but I would certainly not wish to be her Edible Woman!  This is a title which expresses my utter devotion to food, and the space is for me to be enthusiastic about food.  I post the food I love to cook, and to eat: most recipes are my own, that I am sharing with you, some are recipes I have tweaked slightly to my tastes and preferences, and some are lifted straight from the talented cooks who collected them in their own books.  If I have done so, I try to credit the original creator, from whom I have been inspired!

I’m a passionate cook and foodie, who likes to prioritise local, natural foods prepared honestly and with love. I also like to experiment, taking on challenges like Living Below the Line for charity on £1 per day for food and drink, and eating vegan for Lent. Though I am not vegetarian or vegan full-time, I think it’s really important to realise where our food comes from, and pay more to get the best – I would rather eat, as the farmers say, an animal who has had a wonderful life and then “one bad day”. We need to return to a place where meat is a feast, a celebration; a very special treat which we realise the significance of.

I try to give credit where credit is due, so do let me know if you think someone has been missed.

I adored creating my wedding mostly from scratch, so the blog is also the place for me illustrate the creative passions I nurtured whilst creating things for my wedding, and this is something I intend to pursue professionally.  I work with organic, wild British flowers, make prints (for orders of service or table decorations, or even as invitations), make hairpieces, so this blog is somewhere to share my explorations and products as I go along…



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I love to review new venues, go to launches, new products or cookery books. I am grateful to anyone who sends any products to me to review, but I will make this clear in the blog post. If the product is not inline with my brand, I will let you know before you send anything through – I don’t want to waste anyone’s time 🙂

My blog posts are my own – if I am sent any products to review, invited to any launches or invited to any restaurants, I will review all of these in a grateful, and completely honest, way!

Phoebe x


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