New Year full of new News!

Newsflash: The Edible Woman ate all the pies…or it looks that way. I am positively rotund, at 29 weeks pregnant (that’s 7.5 months, to you non-pregnant people who haven’t started oddly counting time in weeks…)

What a busy end to 2016!

Here’s a quick snapshot of life since my visit to Copenhagen (the longest break this blog has ever had, I think!)

  1. I graduated with an MA in English Literature (Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies) from Leeds University.
  2. I did some great fun work with Leeds PR firm I Like Press and LeedsBID to launch their art trail around Leeds for Christmas in Leeds.
  3. I went to Northumberland for a week.beautiful northumberland - my pregnant calm space
  4. I went from this kind of pregnant:

    16 weeks pregnant

    4 months pregnant! In Leeds (my bedroom could look a lot better…)

  5. To this kind of pregnant:

    28 weeks pregnant 7 months pregnant

    7 months pregnant! (our bathroom is no longer hideously turquoise…)

  6. I went to the Malvern Hills for a week.
  7. I launched my online floristry business Pollendines and completed some wedding floristry in December, as well as wreath making workshops like this one in London:wreath workshops in london with a 6months pregnant lady
  8. I went to Edinburgh for the weekend and London for 4 days.
  9. I moved to rural Cumbria, from the most central road in Leeds.
  10. I’ve probably forgotten quite a few other things. It was my birthday, for example, and I was 27. Yuck.


So, in essence, I’ve been a bit busy. And have been woefully bad at blogging 🙁 Sorry all. I’m hoping now we’re installed in our Cumbrian idyll (okay, it’s a bit colder than an idyll should be, but we have a fire, what more could be want?) I will hopefully pick up the pace a little.

I’m no longer going to be Leeds-specific (I will be taking any opportunity to eat out that I can get!) though I’ll still be going back to my favourite city semi-regularly for work. I should be posting lots more recipes. I hope that’s a good thing….

Lots of scary, but good, changes. We have a lovely little garden, where I hope to grow lots of my fruit and veg (a lot nearer than our allotment in Leeds!) and flowers too, for Pollendines (I focus on British-grown, grown and foraged flowers and foliage with an emphasis on reusability and sustainability and avoid sad, environmentally yucky stuff like oasis…if you think you might be interested check out the site!

sustainable british floristry bouquet pollendinesI might also start delving into the world of pregnancy and baby things…hopefully without being too scary and driving the non-baby-inclined readers away. Come on, you know me, I was always going to try to make baby food and stuff…Hope you’re ready…



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