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phoebe ryan freelance copywriter content writing and strategy the edible womanI’m Phoebe Ryan, a freelance copywriter formerly based in Leeds, working in content writing and strategy. I recently moved to the countryside and work remotely for companies nationwide, but I still have tangible links to Leeds, my favourite city.

The Edible Woman blog has housed my passions and interests (predominantly for food, floristry and art) throughout my career in digital agencies and SEO companies, where I worked in (and then headed) content writing and strategy, proofing and editing, PR, SEO and digital marketing. I thought it was time to amalgamate the blog with my professional writing.

My content comes from a devotion to words and how they work – I graduated with a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Leeds last year.

Combining my experience in digital agencies with this proficiency for and dedication to words, my content is different from the rest. Grammar is important. Legibility is important. Strategy is key. My words aren’t written to fill up dusty space on your website – they’re written to engage with your audience and get them coming back to read more.

My history as a freelance copywriter – from content writing and strategy to proofing, editing and academia

Since graduating from Leeds University with a First in English Literature in 2013, I have worked across three different Leeds and Yorkshire-based digital agencies. Starting as a simple SEO-friendly Content Writer, I moved to being a Content and Online PR Executive. From there, I worked my way up to become a Head of Content, before quitting agency work to return to my studies, and freelance work.

Since May 2015 I have been working as a freelance copywriter, a proofreader/editor, and in content strategy. I love being in control of my own time and workload as I have always been good at time management and self-motivation, and love being able to work with smaller clients that agency prices simply can’t accommodate.

For me, a work-life balance is key – I always wanted to work in a field that I was happy making space for in my life! That’s why my professional work sits alongside my blog.

I work by the hour or day, and across many fields, having written for clients in industries as diverse as food & drink (my obsession), construction, private jet FBOs, parenting and pets! My specialisms (and dedicated personal priorities), however, are within the food, travel and academic sectors. Get in touch by email at to chat over what I could do for you and your business!

Some examples of recent content writing and strategy work:i like press freelance copywriter phoebe ryan

  • freelance copywriter Phoebe Ryan I Like Press JournalPart-time freelance copywriting for awesome Leeds PR firm I Like Press, including client work (press releases, advertorials, blog content) and work onsite:




  • Articles in Bitten Magazine, Northside magazine, Manchester’s Finest, City Dweller, and H&N Magazine.



Click to open example PDFs:

H&N LIF freelance copywriter advertorial Apr

For H&N Magazine.

For Northside magazine (link here – northside article apr LIF) :

freelance copywriter Northside articles LIF and Leeds International Festival



For York digital agency Edge45:

Personality Curation – A Response to Facebook Reactions

For dog forum My Paws Online:

Best dog-friendly budget hotels in Yorkshire & Humber

For shipping containers company Cleveland Containers:

freelance copywriter phoebe ryan clients cleveland containers








And academically, my prize-winning article on Indigenous First Nations identity:

content writing and strategy winning essay prize


It’s really important for me to have a strong working relationship with my clients, where any queries can be puzzled-through and any obstacles overcome. Content strategy is always an active, creative role, but with me, content writing is too. I will help you to isolate the specific ideas that will appeal to your target audience and sit well within your specialism, finding the best ways to make your content shareable.  I turn work around within deadlines (usually quicker), and always try to exceed the standards set by my reputation for hard work and knowledgeable content writing.

Matthew Knight, Head of SEO at Ledgard Jepson:

matt knight endorsement phoebe ryan freelance copywriterPhoebe is a brilliant writer with impeccably high standards. In addition to running her own successful blog, she has extensive agency experience and substantial knowledge of digital marketing. She is incredibly adept at crafting SEO-friendly content and popular, shareable pieces for social media. Phoebe always nails our briefs, delivers work on time, and adheres to clients’ brand guidelines — maintaining the correct tone and style. She is a pleasure to work with,and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a superb digital writer.

Kiri Nowak, The Content Wolf:

the content wolf kiri nowak endorsed phoebe ryan freelance copywriterPhoebe works with me on some of my copywriting projects and produces high quality, engaging, well-researched content. She has a strong knowledge of the
blogging world, is reliable, and really easy to work with. She always meet deadlines and exceeds expectations, which is why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Get in touch with me on to see if I could help you and your business, whether you’re looking for a Leeds copywriter or further afield – I work remotely. Whether your business is small or large, I can help with your online presence through content curation. Or, be social – find me on LinkedIn and Twitter!