Handmade Christmas Cards

Handmade Christmas Cards – handprinted, and ready to go!

A few more of the prints got done last night. We have a mr patridge in a pear tree, a geometric reindeer design, the pine cone, and last year’s Scandi reindeer, dragonfly and star yet to feature!

handprinted christmas card partridge in a pear tree design

Got plenty of partridges in loads of pear trees…

How about a geometric reindeer?

handmade christmas card geometric reindeer design

Handmade Christmas cards are just that bit more special than your bog standard, commercial card – plus you’d be helping support a small artisanal printer :-)

And a bit of wrapping with the pinecone tissue paper…

layering up over Christmassy newspaper is my favourite thing to do with tissue paper!

handprinted christmas pinecone design

And in situ…christmas card homemade patridge in a pear tree

Literally loads, all over my floor. MUST. NOT. STEP. ON…

handprinted christmas cards geometric reindeer


I am selling these and will be open and honest about postage prices, so can get them to you all over the country.

Already got orders rushing in, so get ready for Christmas now with some handprinted Christmas cards!
homemade christmas cards for sale

Get in touch if you’re interested pheebz@hotmail.co.uk

thank you for all your support xxx


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