Handmade Pasta Recipes

Handmade pasta is massively rewarding, and so tasty.  There is definitely a time and place for dry pasta, but fresh homemade pasta is a godsend (and it even works pretty well out of the freezer).  This being said, I don’t think I’d undertake the effort without a pasta maker.  Rolling with a rolling pin is very hard work, as the dough stubbornly springs back into its chunky little self each time you roll out.

So, these are two recipes I use to make homemade ravioli, cappellacci di zucca, tagliatelle…you name it.  Just vary your choice depending on your desired outcome!  They are both recipes from the great book The Geometry of Pasta, which I heartily recommend for those considering getting into making their own – the trofie were delicious, and doable!

Geometry says that 2 eggs and 200g of flour will make enough pasta for three, as a main.  I tend to agree.

different pasta varieties

Simple homemade egg pasta recipe:

I use this recipe most, as it suits most pasta dishes.

1 egg per 100g flour

(to give you an idea how much you need, ravioli for 6 people requires c.400g pasta, pappardelle for 8 people requires c.1kg)

Tip your weighed flour into a mountain, burrow a hole in the top and add your eggs.  Knead to a smooth dough.  Allow to rest, covered in the fridge, before rolling.


Enriched homemade egg pasta recipe:

This will end up more golden, especially if you choose great quality (and always free-range) eggs.  Good for richer flavour.

Use 1 egg and 3 yolks per 100g flour.  Follow the same kneading technique.




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