southern indian-inspired scrambled tofu recipe

This, for sure, is an omnivore option. Scrambled tofu, done well, is a firm favourite amongst the vegan community and is definitely a winner for me, being something I’ll firmly be adding to my repertoire now that Lent is over.

Don’t turn your nose up! Tofu can be dull, but only when cooked badly. It is essentially a sponge, so if you remove some of the moisture from the sponge and replace it with tasty flavours (here, Indian spice), you will have an amazingly flavoured, protein-rich and healthy breakfast or brunch option to call on whenever the need arises! I now firmly believe everyone should have a scrambled tofu recipe to hand!southern indian inspired scrambled tofu recipe (thanks aine carlin)

Fundamentally, it is an absolutely ace option for anyone who eats breakfast at work. Which I do. Every day. Because who wants to eat at 6.30 when you can have a leisurely kitchen visit to break up your morning at 10ish?! All you need is a toaster (unless you don’t want it on toast) and a microwave, to heat it up.

Unlike scrambled egg, scrambled tofu is totally easy to take to work with you, providing you with a very low calorie, high protein, tasty and filling warm breakfast option! Winning, on every score! Yes, it does require a little prep the night before (or that morning, if you’re super keen)!

This was inspired by Aine Carlin’s scrambled tofu recipe from her book Keep it Vegan, which is chockablock with great recipes! I have slightly changed it up, but Aine guided me in the ways of tofu..thanks Aine!scrambled tofu recipe aine carlin

Southern Indian-inspired scrambled tofu recipe:


firm tofu piece (1 per portion)

approx. 2tsp Indian spice, to your own taste. Simple – 2tsp curry powder, or do as I do – 1 tsp turmeric, 1/2tsp freshly ground coriander, 1/2tsp freshly ground cumin, 1/2 chilli powder or sprinkle of flakes)

optional – a handful of curry leaves, for a real South Indian feeling

1-2 spring onion(s)

handful of veg (1-2 medium tomatoes are a great call, as are 1/2 a pepper)

salt and pepper to taste


First things first, strain your tofu. Take it out of its liquidy container and put it in a dish, weighed down. To do this, I tend to use a tupperware lid and two tins of coconut milk, or 4 glass jars of jam. Leave it for 10mins, by which time lots of liquid should’ve come out. Drain away the liquid and replace the weights, leaving for another 5 mins. Meanwhile, chop your spring onion and your your spicy scrambled tofu (aine carlin inspired)

When your tofu is done, 15 mins or so, fry your chopped spring onion in a sauce pan for a minute. Then add your tofu, crumbling it as you add it – it should be like squidgy shards (oxymoronic, I know!) of scrambled egg. Now add your chosen spices and your curry leaves, if using, and keep stirring until the spices become aromatic and the “eggs” take on a curried shade (if you’re using curry powder or turmeric, that is). You want the spices well-distributed.

Add your veg. Chop your toms roughly, as above, but if you’re using a harder veg like a pepper, you need to cut it quite finely so that it cooks quite quickly. Now, simply cook until your veg are at a desired consistency.South Indian spicy take on Aine Carlin's scrambled tofu recipe

Voila! I simply put this into a tupperware with a slice of bread to toast and I’m away, enjoying a yummy, satisfying and healthy breakfast! Let me know if you try it, and if you’re a tofu convert! x



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