Veeno Menu Relaunch – Leeds

Last night Veeno Leeds upped the ante yet again by adding more veeno menu relaunch leedswonderful Italian produce to their Veeno menu. Alongside the existing hams and cheeses they stock (my favourite is their quartzy, rich parmigiano and the salame al tartufo – PERFECTION) – they now have a tasty spianata romana, a salami studded with peppercorns, and a really melt-in-the-mouth pancetta steccata.

veeno menu leeds relaunch

If all that wasn’t enough, they’ve also added wine cocktails to the menu (I know…I’m not sure either, aside from the prosecco-based ones…though I believe in the Veeno people and their tastebuds so am willing and ready to give them a go…) and a more competitive, blind wine tasting, which I think would be an amazing work night out (You know Alan from accounts? Imagine trouncing him at wine knowledge. Looking super-sassy and totally cultured in front of your colleagues with your sophisticated, superior palette. Take THAT Alan).wine at veeno menu relaunch leeds duncan st

Overall, Veeno is still the place to be. The lovely staff are predominantly Italian, and don’t cringe *too* much when you try to bumble your English way through the menu, attempting it in Italian. As well as that, they’re all truly welcoming, friendly and honest, and keen to share their enthusiasm about Italian fare. Come a few times and they’ll remember you – it’s that kind of place. And that level of intimacy is not something to take lightly in the city centre.

spuntini at veeno menu relaunch leedsIf you’ve already eaten and drunk your way through the Veeno menu, brava! If you haven’t – you need to focus and get some of that Italian goodness down you! Either way, you need to head down to Duncan Street and sample the new goodies on the menu.

Check out the new and improved Veeno menu here, and get yourself a date booked to go and bask in the Italian culture (because we certainly aren’t forecast any Italian weather any time soon…)



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