Live Below the Line homemade baked beans and life

So, yesterday I got made redundant.

Great.homemade baked beans brunch

When life give you beans…bake ’em.

Sorry for the delay in posting, but now you know why. The company has lost hundreds of thousands of pounds of client work in the last few months, and I was one of the more highly paid members of staff. Sayonara.



Before redundancy happened, I ate:

banana on toast for breakfast – 2p of toast, 21p of banana

jacket potato (5) with leftover dal & potato curries – 12p

2 petits – 4p

1 clementine – 7p (WAS ROTTEN! WHAT A WASTE!!!)

3 pieces of chocolate orange – 15p

1 tea – 5p

= 66p for breakfast and lunch.


and then, I got fired.
Needless to say, I succumbed when I was bought 2 pints. I haven’t accepted any food or drink for free this week up until this point – but screw it. I deserved a free pint after this afternoon.

When I got home, I cooked mushroom on toast with avocado which came to 33p each:

1/2 punnet mushrooms – 20p

1/2 onion – 4p

1 tbsp oil – 1p

1/2 avocado – 15p

seasoning – 1p

toast – 3p

so divided by two, 33p. So, with two sneaky pints not included, I spent under £1.



New dawn, new day. Well, I’m still in bed at 10.15 am writing this, but it’s the final day of Live Below the Line, and I’m not going to let something silly like redundancy put me off. I only have to do breakfast and lunch as well, because we started the challenge on Sunday night (because it’s the first pop-up of the Leeds Indie Food Festival tonight, Gorse at Mrs Atha’s – sorry, I was NOT going to miss that!)

So, 66p for breakfast and lunch. Since I’m newly housebound, I thought I might go for the combo and do a below the line recipe brunch beans

Live Below the Line Homemade Baked Beans

1/2 can tomatoes – 17p

handful pintos – 5p

1/4 aubergine – 10p

1/3 red pepper – 5p

1/2 onion – 3p

oil – 1p

spice – 3p

toast: 4p

live below the line homemade baked beans recipe

I boiled my pintos for around an hour, then in another pan began frying the onion, chopped, until it’s translucent. I then added the chopped aubergine and red pepper, and a shake of cumin and coriander powders (around 1 tsp of each). I fried these until soft.

making homemade baked beans for live below the line

When the beans were done, I whacked them in on top of the frying vegetables, then added 1/2 tin of canned tomatoes and cooked down a little. Voila.

That came to 49p. Plus a cup of coffee, and then a bit of honey to finish my toast off – 65p. Wahoo!

My experience of living on £1 per day has been exhausting, irritating and boring…and I only had to do it for a week. Let’s try to end extreme poverty. My donating wall will be open for a couple more days, I think – if you have a few spare coppers, please give to Farm Africa!!


The link, once again, is below.

Thank you for your support! xxx


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