Live Below the Line dinner recipe: vegetable ragu

So Monday was a success all round, coming in well under £1 – 77p. Unfortunately, I estimate it also being about 600 calories. NOT sustainable.

So as well as the broccoli, celeriac and potato soup for lunch, I had a banana, a coffee (technically free, at work, but I costed it at 9p to be good!)  and a portion of porridge to see me through the day at work. I had enough pennies left for 2 “petit” biscuits (the most bog standard biscuits ever, like cheap Rich Teas, which come in at 2p each).

Dinner was a happy occasion – some necessary calories! I used the bulgur wheat I bought reduced ages ago (it was 55p for the whole pack), and made a tomato and courgette veg stew/ragu sort of thing, which will do for tomorrow lunch and on top of some pasta later in the week. I also got a pack of purple sprouting broccoli at Waitrose reduced to 16p! Had half on Sunday, and half for Monday tea. Yum.

vegetable ragu live below the line recipe

Live Below the Line Recipes: Vegetable Ragu on bulgur wheat with purple sprouting broccoli


1 onion – 7p

1 clove garlic – 2p

1 tbsp oil – 1p

4 small courgettes – 40p

3 tomatoes – 15p

handful of pinto beans – 5p

1 can of tomatoes (33p – 0.99p for 3 cans at the 99p store)

any herbs from a garden (oregano/marjoram from mum & dads – free)

1/2 stock cube (4p)

seasoning 1p

(bulgur wheat – 5p per portion)

(purple sprouting broccoli – 5p per portion)

=£1.10 for 6 portions. = 18p per portion.


I got the pinto beans in a pan in boiling water asap, becasue they take a while. I lilke that chestnutty crunch but not that brittle nutty crack, so I cook them on a rolling boil for an hour. I then cooked the bulgur wheat per pack instructions (cover with water and leave for 35mins, pretty much-more prep than cook) whilst I got on with the vegetable ragu.

I fried a chopped onion in 1tbsp oil with 1 clove of garlic until translucent. Then I added my 4 small courgettes from the market and fried them off too, for about 10 mins.

I added a handful of oregano from mum and dad’s garden (free – wish I’d collected more herbs though, I’m done now!) and then added my 3 tomatoes, roughly chopped.

live below the line vegetable ragu

After cooking the toms for a few minutes, I added the tin of toms plus 1/2 stock cube and 1/2 the tomato tin of water. As soon as the pintos were cooked, I stirred them through. Then I boiled my purple sprouting broccoli for a few minutes and served! Voila!

I’ve not got my notations of prices on me, but I will add costings to this post asap x

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