The Turk’s Head Leeds – new bar on the block

I know. I’m sorry. It’s been like over a month. But I’m back. January is supposed to be a time for abstinenceTurk's Head Leeds opening menu and misery, but I sort of sidestepped that this year and have concentrated instead, on bars. Good. With that in mind, last week I went to the opening of Whitelocks’ new offering, The Turk’s Head Leeds.

bar at Turk's Head LeedsWhilst Whitelock’s is basically like the coolest grandad alive, Leeds’ oldest pub (300 years old last year!) Turk’s Head is massively the hip grandson. It’s all medicine cabinets, coppery finishes and dark blue paint. Like where you would live, if you were cool. We can all dream.Turk's Head Leeds menu

But it’s not all look – some of the drinks are just knocking it out of the park. No, you’re not going to get 2 cocktails for £5. (P.S. they’re usually gross anyway let’s be real kids).But you get what you pay for (especially that aperol spritz made up with IPA – YES PLEASE).

hop gin and tonic at Turk's Head Leedsaperol IPA at Turk's Head Leeds

The hoppy gin & tonic wasn’t that hoppy, but it wasn’t half a cracking g&t. And what you really come here for – great beers – really deliver. Set up with Five Points brewery, Turk’s Head promises to have an exciting range of great beers on tap, constantly. Having sampled the ridiculously tasty, smokey Five Points offering and the citrussy Kerner, which I was guided to by barstaff, I’d put your tastebuds in their hands and let them suggest something to fit your taste.

The canapes/little plates absolutely did the business – from cracking arancini balls to rarebit to spinachy feta-y things (don’t ask me. I’d had 4 drinks by this point).

arancini balls at Turk's Head LeedsBasically, if you had plans this weekend, change ’em. Wait till it gets dark and hunker down at the Turk’s Head instead.

Have you been? What do you think? x


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