Easy Blackberry and Basil Icecream


Blackberry and basil icecream Weird combo, right? Wrong.


Icecream maker

10-15 Basil leaves

400g blackberries

200g granulated sugar

5-10 tbsp icing sugar (to taste)

tub double cream (568ml)

2 drops vanilla extract



Make sure your icecream maker is at the required temperature (mine needs to be in the freezer overnight).

First make your jam-like substance. Put your granulated sugar in a pan and switch on the heat. As the sugar becomes warm (1-2mins) but doesn’t melt or burn, add your blackberries. Stir so no sugar catches on the bottom, as your blackberries burst and your pan becomes jammy. Bring the pan to the boil, then drop the temperature as low as it can go, until you’ve got something like a runny syrup. It can be as smooth or as chunky as you want, but I’d leave it 15mins or so. Then let it cool.

When your jam has come off the hob to cool, whisk your double cream into quite stiff peaks. Add the vanilla extract. Fold through the icing sugar so it’s well combined, and chop or tear your basil into tiny pieces and add to this mix. Place into the icecream maker and turn on. Add your now cool blackberry mix too (or wait until near the end, for more of a ‘ripple’ style icecream). Serve with a blackberry popped on top, like in my picture, for an outrageously easy dessert. Done!



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