Bundobust Review

Bundobust Leeds opened on Friday. It’s bloody brilliant.

enjoying S Indian street food

So I visited Gordon Ramsay’s ‘best Indian’ a couple of years ago – Prashad, in Bradford.  The food was exquisite Indian fare.  And now I am going to sound like a heathen, but the only problem was…they didn’t have a licence.  There’s just something about going out for a treat, and not being able to buy alcohol, that somehow makes it less of a treat.

Worry no longer! The Prashad boys (I think Mum has moved shop to Bridlington now) have set up with some craft beer geniuses. Genii. I don’t care.

Bundobust leeds

To do a Bundobust review, I’d better put my serious head on for two minutes and give you the lowdown – the concept is to combine great beers with Southern Indian street food, and I could not be happier.  The ‘munch’ menu is tiny compared to the extensive drinks menu, mostly comprised of great beers.  They were out of their homebrew, the coriander pilsner, when we went, but I can imagine that’s a corker.  I had a nice Camden Pale.  But the food…wow. We just had a marsala dosa and a ‘bundo chat’ – their signature dish.  It’s a great samosa, with yoghurt, tamarind chutney, chickpeas…I don’t know. Just go, and try it.  P.S. sorry for the lack of pictures of the full dish.  But that does sort of express just how good it is. Blog be damned – I was going to eat that as quickly as possible. Mum bloody chowed down. Gone, in a flash.

empties at Bundobust

Again, a heathen, but…it’s kind of Indian tapas.  Get two bowls between four if you’re gross like us and don’t mind sharing from the same dish…but I reckon maybe two per person and you’ve got a meal.  The munches are priced £3-£6, so pretty reasonable.

Mill Hill Indian

Finally, Leeds has realised! Eating is not cheating! For me, a slice of pizza (Belgrave) or a pot of curry (Bundobust) is precisely the accompaniment for a night out that I have been waiting for, for sooo long!  Check out the menu:

munch menuJUST GO!!! x



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