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I’d seen Byron Burger squaring up and hunkering down next to other, more aesthetically charming establishments in London.  And I’d always wanted to try it out! Bring on a Byron Burger Leeds review, I thought.

But it’s sort of started to spring up like a rash. A bit. A boring rash – maybe eczema. We’re not in the realm of Chicken Pox or anything. The utilitarian, stripped-out look says, “we don’t care about decor – come for the food”.  At least, it would, if literally EVERYONE wasn’t doing utilitarian as a decor choice for ‘hip’ restaurants at the moment. Nemind.

I don’t really like giving bad reviews.  But I can’t help being honest. Oh, the juxtaposition of conscience and morality! Sigh!

So…The beers are nice. They say something odd on the menu as their excuse for serving beer in cans instead of bottles – something about beers keeping better in the dark.  If you say so. Surely you’d have to have them in storage for a while for light to affect them, though?  How come EVERY other establishment in the WORLD EVER ignores this sage wisdom? And, surely, you shouldn’t have stock for any huge length of time, as a popular establishment? I dunno. I ain’t no beer expert. But I don’t quite trust you.

Byron burger

But yes. on to the food.


Nah. Not bothered.


eating at byron, leedsI mean, there was literally nothing wrong with it. It was a burger. In a soft, brioche-y bun. There were chips. Sure.


But literally, on a scale of 1-10, if a McDonald’s burger merits a two, this is a five. Like, sure, it’s fine, but NOTHING exciting is happening here. It is JUST posh McDonald’s.  Plus, I’ve always been more of a chicken nugget person myself. Ha…but seriously. There isn’t even a proper kitchen. It IS a McDonald’s…there are only fryers, and kitchen staff looking 40% less spotty and 20% more happy to be there.  Maybe I should therefore celebrate Byron from a humanitarian aid point of view?

I have eaten much more exciting and mouth-worthy burgers at places like gourmet burger kitchen (if you’re going to go chain, I’ve never been vastly disappointed there), or indeed, any food pop-up or market street food stall.  Independents. Preferably. Possibly because they actually care. Whazz a bit of happy, well-reared cow into a bap, leave it a little pink, and don’t over-do it on the accompaniments, and I will be the most faithful supplicant you have ever had.

I think I was mostly just offended by the price. I do not appreciate paying above the odds for mediocrity. I don’t mind a cheap and cheerful meal, and I don’t mind paying through the nose for the most delicious thing to grace my mouth.  But I DO mind paying for the opportunity to visit somewhere ‘trendy’. Ick.

This is emperor’s new clothes, at its worst. And you’re going to charge over a quid extra for your mediocre sauces? Nail in the coffin. Bye, Byron.  See you never again.

Have you had a great experience at Byron’s? Should I give it another go? i had the classic burger, do you have to ‘upgrade’ your options to get a tasty meal? Let me know what you think! x



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