Courgette fritters

Recipe for courgette fritters, with feta, mint and lemon

…this reminds me of holidays. My mum used to make these in the Summer time…I’m not sure if they remind me of Italy, Greece or Turkey.  Possibly because they are an amalgam of happy flavours from all three lands. Jolly good.

lemon zesting courgette fritters

They’re not even complicated to make!


I keep falling into that blogger trap – I diligently photograph the process of putting my recipes together…then I promptly scoff it. Forgetting, until it’s too late, that you would probably quite like a picture of the end product! But it just goes to show…they’re lose-your-mind-for-a-bit tasty.

courgette fritter mixtureSo, here’s my recipe (courtesy of mum, with a few tweaks) for a happy summer – courgette, mint and feta fritters. Enjoy!


This is enough to serve 2 very comfortably as a main with salad, or 4 as a starter.

2 courgettes

1 clove garlic

1/2 an onion (for bulk – you don’t need it if you don’t want to add it)

1/2 pack feta

juice of half a lemon

scrape of lemon zest from the 1/2 a lemon

handful of mint

1 large egg cracked and mixed together, or 2 egg whites



Recipe:raw courgette fritter mixture

First grate your courgettes. Once grated, lay on kitchen paper, changing when soaked through, until the courgette doesn’t soak the papers (you can also wrap it up in a tea towel and squeeze – whatever works for you to get rid of that extra liquid).  Finely slice your 1/2 onion, if using, and garlic clove, and add with the courgette into a bowl.  Crumb in your feta, too, breaking into small pieces. Add your lemon juice and zest, chop up your mint and sprinkle this in, and then add your mixed egg (or egg whites, if you have some hanging around and fancy being marginally more healthy) and mix through. Season, nice and peppery.

At this stage, get a frying pan on, with a drizzle of oil (I like rapeseed, but olive oil is perfect too).


Go back to your mix, and get it well incorporated.  Then add a tablespoon-worthy dollop to your hot pan, and get sizzling!



frying courgette fritters


Frying shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes per side – just lift them up and see if they’ve got nice coppery bottoms.

Drain on kitchen paper once fried to take off any excess oil.


If you fancy, fry a few cumin seeds, grind them and sprinkle them into some Greek yoghurt (otherwise, yoghurt with a little chopped mint, or mint, garlic and cucumber is nice) as an accompaniment.  I like to have this with a nice salad, but some pitta would be tasty too.


half-eaten courgette fritters


Yum! Happy summer…hope some of that warm weather comes back! Let me know if you try this x


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