Red’s BBQ Leeds Review

 Red’s BBQ Leeds – Review

Finally, we made a meaty pilgrimage to Red’s BBQ by the Corn Exchange.  I’ve been sniffing the air in anticipation for months, but there never seemed an “okay, I’m hungry enough” moment.

But the loved one took part in his first 10K that morning, and completed in a manly enough time of 1:07 (very impressive, seen as before the race began he had never ran more than 5km…that’s a great training programme, right there).


Suddenly, the time was right.  Yes. He is still proudly sporting his race t-shirt.

red's BBQ leeds

This does exactly what it says on the tin.  We opted to share the bucket o’bones (was PLENTY – we even brought the final stragglers home with us), with a side of fried and grits.

Grits! I’ve not had grits since I was in the US.  Okay, so they taste pretty similar to well-made polenta…but instead of flavouring with a great stock, you’re probably guna need some butter. And some more butter. Maybe a little more butter. And a smidge of garlic.

red's bbq food


So time to whack up a Red’s BBQ Leeds review.  So yeah, basically, yum.  It was hard to tell the rib types apart when in bucket-format, and that annoyed me a little bit, because I’d have loved to be able to guide you towards a couple of the varieties, and to steer clear of another (I found the massive rib, which I am guessing is the Jacob’s Ladder beef rib, pretty dry against the juicy fat of the pork, and you aren’t entirely prepared for the difference when you are just reaching your sticky mitts into a bucket). eating at red'sYum.  Sorry, there is no attractive way to eat ribs.  It isn’t really trying to be anything it isn’t (except perhaps an Evangelist ministry…the amount of weird religious stuff going on was a bit confusing), and it does it right.  If you want some juicy ribs, with well-cooked fries, great sauces on the side and some cholesterol-threatening grits, you are totally in the right place.


Have you been to Red’s? Did you have a positive experience too? x


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