Sweet Cecily’s Lip Balm review

 Review – Sweet Cecily’s Lip Balm

The very lovely people at Sweet Cecily’s sent me some lip balms to sample, so I thought I’d give you the lowdown!  Sweet Cecily’s really care about ingredients, but come in fun flavours too.package of lipbalms

Look at the beautiful packaging!image

Prepare for my Sweet Cecely’s lip balm review – I am honest.  I would never big up something I didn’t like.

They sent me Pina Colada flavour, Mojito flavour and Espresso Martini flavour.

package from Cicely's


I thought I’d give you the lowdown on each, and let you know by my facial expressions how I felt…

Here’s the mojito flavour one:

Cicely's lipbalm


I didn’t have high hopes –  I thought the idea of smelling something very reminiscent of a night out might not be up my street!

Cicely's mojito


However, it turned out to be yum. It made me feel cool as a cucumber – very hydrating, and slightly minty and sweet – the freshness of a mojito, but with something a little more friendly and moisturising to keep your pout happy!

Cecily's lipbalm


Next, the espresso martini.  Now, I have to come clean here  – I HATE coffee flavoured products. Except coffee itself. Don’t mess with perfection. Just…why make something taste of coffee? No. Not a fan.




cecily's martini

martini- not so much


As one might expect, it did in fact smell of coffee. So I didn’t like it. Ergh. However, if you like coffee flavoured stuff, you’re in for a treat!!

Next: Pina Colada.

My idea of a nightmare. The most sickly-sweet, disgusting cocktail ever.

pina colada flavour lip balm


So I am surprised to say it was my absolute favourite!! It has a very shea/cocoa butter scent, which mixes perfectly with the tropical overtones of a pina colada, and has none of the vom factor of the actual drink (sorry, I can be too honest can’t I…) but genuinely, great smell, great hydration factor, and left a lovely sheen!

pina colada Cicely's

lipbalm reviewsThere.  My first product review! These lipbalms really do their jobs at lip moisturisation – they are velvety smooth and sheeny, not claggy or sticky, and stay on your lips for ages.  I can say I am a genuine fan, Sweet Cecily! x


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