Indoor Christmas wreath ideas

Need some indoor Christmas wreath ideas?

Hallowe’en is officially over, which, to all intents and purposes, means I am now on the run-up to Christmas (sorry to everyone who does not want to be making 101 Christmas DIY gifts, but if you are like me, we need to get a move on)!

This weekend I went for a lovely walk in Roundhay park with the Man, and we saw a fallen tree with great, gnarly twigs. So I collected a bag full (yes, I am that weird person on the bus with a bag full of twigs…unashamedly).

So I made a long-lasting, all-natural indoor Christmas wreath. I love the all-natural ones I make, but for people like me, who live in a flat with no outer door on which to hang a wreath, they are really a no-go. I needed some indoor Christmas wreath ideas, so here we go.

all natural long-lasting Christmas wreath

So here’s my Autumnal, gnarly, permanent Christmas wreath! I was watching Nightmare Before Christmas whilst making, so I think it may have some Hallowe’en inspiration behind it!

What do you think? How do you like to decorate for Christmas? x

long-lasting Christmas wreath





Let me know what you think