Final day of Live Below the Line!

Live Below the Line: Friday

Final day!!!! Yay!!!

Happy Hallowe’en too!

And we’re going out to celebrate Hallowe’en at a friends house tonight, and bless them they have offered to cost the (potentially) thai pumpkin curry we’re having! Very exciting. Live Below The Line. Thank you.

Breakfast: 11.6p

banana breakfast live below the linebanana + coffee + 2 biscuits = 11.6p

(biscuits 0.8p)

Pea and ham soup

peas – 1.2kg for £1.40, used 500g =


stock – water I cooked gammon in on Sunday. Gammon was a different meal, but reserved liquid. Included 1/2 onion – 10p, stock cube 8.3p, 1/2 stick celery 5p, peppercorns 3p =


live below the line recipe:pea soup

11.6 + 26.3 = 37.9p

So, we have 62.1p left for tea! Hope that fits Em and Sam’s bill!

So happy for this to be over…x


Let me know what you think