Live Below the Line recipes: Tuesday

It’s only day two?!? How?! SO. HUNGRY. I’m quite chuffed we’ve made it this far. Which sort of shows how hard life is for over 1 billion people in the world. Phewph.

Belgrave burger

THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO RIGHT NOW. But I didn’t. Kudos. Here’s my Live Below the Line recipes for day two.

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breakfast: 15p


shreddies with milk. Shreddies were £1 from poundland, if I get 15 servings that’s 7.5p, & milk = 7.5p so 15p.

lunch: 25.8p

Mexican bean stew recipe

Makes +6 portions

live below the line recipe

Hmm. Luckily tasted a little bit better than it looks. But certainly not very filling.

tin toms 33p

tin cannellini beans 33p

1/2 pepper 15p

1 onion 10p

1/4 cabbage 15p

tin sweetcorn 33p

spices and oil 15p

Fry your onion and spices (I used cinnamon powder, chill flakes and cumin seeds). Add thinly sliced pepper. Fry. Add tinned toms and cook for 10 mins or so until the sauce has bubbled down a little. Keep the tin and 1/2 fill with water to rinse the tin and provide any extra liquid you need. Add your beans (rinse them so they aren’t “tinny”) and your (rinsed) sweetcorn. Add the cabbage near the end so it doesn’t go school dinner-y.

1.55 / 6 = 25.8p per portion

Dinner: 51.35p

Mushroom omelette recipe

live below the line recipes - mushroom omelette

Beat 2 eggs with a splash of milk and seasoning. Add small nob of butter to a pan and melt. Add your egg mix and sprinkle over chopped mushrooms. Serve with a lettuce and tomato salad, and a blob of homemade blackberry chutney.

live below the line mushroom omelette

2 free range eggs = 32p

button mushrooms = 20p

butter = 4p

milk = 4.2p

1 gem lettuce = 15p

1 tomato = 10p

blackberry chutney (see recipe!) = 1.6p

1 potato 16.5p

(foraged blackberries, 1 onion and spices, made 6 jars c.£1 so 0.8p per blob if you get 20 blobs per jar!)

Blackberry chutney

102.7 / 2 = 51.35

I also had a coffee this afternoon at work, with milk. Hunger pangs! 5p.

51.35 + 25.8 + 15 + 5= 95.1p +5p = 97.15p

Yay, just coming in at under £1, again. This really is hard though. I think with British food culture as it is right now, we’d probably have much fuller bellies if we relied on ready-made fatty and carby stuff (for Heaven’s sake, I can get 1kg of frozen chunky chips from Iceland for 89p…). Trying to eat healthily for under £1 is really hard – your money doesn’t go far and you end up a bit rumbly.



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