Live Below the Line Recipes: Wednesday

Today I made the mistake of saving all the calories in our food until tea time. Both of us were famished and had a beating headache all day. On the plus side, I went to 99p store and got 120 biscuits for 99p, so might have some sweet carby sustenance for tomorrow! 0.8p each! Wahoo!!!!

cheap biscuits:live below the line


Breakfast: 5p


banana breakfast live below the line


1 banana.

bananas from the market = 50p for 10


lunch: 34.37p

bulgur wheat-stuffed pepper recipe


bulgur wheat 55p per pack (reduced at Asda) – 11p for 2 servings

oil drizzle 5p

spices 10p

red pepper 20p

1/2 rest of stir fried veg 18.75p

65.75p/2 =

34.37p per portion

Put your pepper(s) halved into the oven, with 1 tsp drizzle of oil over. Cook until slightly softened. Meanwhile, cook your bulgur wheat as per packet instructions (normally similar to cous cous). I added 2 twists of my moroccan spice mill from M&S (which contains rose petals, cumin, coriander seeds, paprika, dried toms, garlic, demerara sugar, salt, caraway, dried chilli, dried red pepper, black pepper, coriander leaves and mint). I then just put the bulgur into the pepper. I quickly flash fried the stirfry veg, too.



Pea and ham soup

What a singularly unappealing picture. Best tea we’ve had all week though, as soup allowed us to have a slice of bread and a nibble of ham, too! Bloody lovely soup – I’d definitely recommend keeping your ham liquor, if you cook a piece of gammon, to make this soup!!

live below the line recipe:pea soup

peas – 1.2kg for £1.40, used 500g =


stock – water I cooked gammon in on Sunday. Gammon was a different meal, but I reserved the cooking liquid to use as stock. I don’t think that’s cheating? Got to make use of everything you can, after all! So, the stock liquid included: 1/2 onion – 10p, stock cube 8.3p, 1/2 stick celery 5p, peppercorns 3p =

so the soup cost 26.3p

There was a corner of ham left, around 30p

+ 5p for slice of homemade bread, 50p to make

(40p flour, water, yeast 10p)

=60.1p each


Tuesday = 5 + 60.1 + 34.37 = 99.47p

Just under. Phew.

Just give!!


Let me know what you think