Post-wedding blues

It’s all over, I’m a married Edible woman!

Autumn has set in, and I’m married. Which is great. But I wish I could be unmarried so I could get married again! Post-wedding blues :-(

We’re still waiting for the professional snaps from my dear friend Katie Julia, so I’ll share them when they’re back from the lab. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share a few pics of the day, especially with my DIY bits in action!

Only 3 weeks ago, we had full-blown summertime weather! How the clouds have turned, and winter is on its way.

wedding bouquet DIYOver the next few weeks I’ll post some How Tos for all the DIY stuff I created for the day, but in the meantime, some happy snaps. Back to recipes soon! x

DIY hydrangea topiary balls


DIY wedding flowers

And laying in my beautiful wedding flowers before we got rid of them, the next day. They are so beautiful, I can’t believe the flowers take centre stage in your wedding decor one day, and the next day you have to get rid :-(

homemade elderflower champagne

The elderflower champagne went down pretty well too! xxx



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