Wedding crafts…4 days to go!


Wedding crafts…finally getting there!!

If you enjoyed your arts GCSE, you’d be in a similar position to me when I embarked on all the wedding crafts I decided to do create.

Too many people are put off, thinking they aren’t talented enough- it just depends what you want! If you think doing it all yourself will be an exciting learning process and you know you’ll be proud of what you manage, then why not do some of your wedding decor yourself?

From favours to flowers, do some Pinterest work and make a mood board of your tastes, and see what you think you can manage.

I used the Lino stamp which I created for the invites to also print the orders of ceremony, and the seed packets which I’ve created for favours…image image

Hopefully no one will notice or mind the reuse!

I’ve been drying hydrangeas for months too – not as blue as I had initially planned, but September hydrangeas are beautifully faded – a mixture of greens, pinks, greys and luckily a few blues.image imageI made 3 types of jam (well, indeed the Man made two of the flavours – apricot and plum, and peach and vanilla (whoops – not nectarine. Sorry..mislabelled) as favours for the table. I made hedgerow jam, a great Autumnal choice (not to mention practically free – just forage the fruit and buy a bag of sugar). I used blackberries, elderberries, apples and damsons.

Jam jars can be expensive, and I had quickly ruled out jam favours for this reason. If you have a tea room locally, though, pop down and see what they do with their used cream tea jam jars. So many places throw them away or recycle them – very few would mind saving up for you for a few days!
Jam jar favours jam jar favoursI made lavender bunches for pew ends, using a faded grey and green ribbon combination. We just trimmed our whole lavender bush, and asked friends for donations! That faded grey and green is so perfect for this time of year if, like me, you don’t really appreciate the whole ‘harvest festival’ yellow, orange and red colour palette.
lavender pew ends

Drying beautiful petals from flowers over the year made for perfect confetti – I mixed in a little lavender which scented the dried flowers beautifully.

image imageFavours are a bit much, I think – you’re having tens, or hundreds, of people for lunch, and it is now de rigeur to give some trinket as a ‘favour’. If you want to give favours, why not come up with something personal and, to all intents and purposes, free, instead?
Handprinted seed packetsAsĀ mentioned, I reused the lino stamp again but this time on brown paper, using white ink. The brown background gives an almost golden look. Filling this with country seeds which I took from our garden flowers over the last year is a cheap and lovely favour.
Handmade favours I also dressed mum’s hat – a little green ribbon to tie into her outfit, and peacock feathers which tie into the liberty print materials which made up the boys’ waistcoats. Peacocks seem to be becoming a bit of a theme!Peacock feather hat I Wrapped dry oasis in chicken wire to create a base for a hydrangea pomander – it’s not the roundest pomander you’ve ever met, but it has character!!
Hydrangea pomander imageI’ve loved doing all of these crafts for the wedding. If you enjoy going your own way, don’t let people put you off – it’s so rewarding and great fun! Xxx



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