One week wedding checklist

I get married a week yesterday. AAH

Stuff I’ve done this week:

  • labelled 90 miniature homemade jams
  • labelled 79 place settings
  • labelled 79 seed packets
  • printed 80 orders of service
  • made cauliflower curry, potato curry, Mexican stew, leek and potato soup and bean burgers for when we get back from our honeymoon and are miserable
  • worried about changing yellow fever legislation, and been promised I don’t need the jab
  • bought some clothes for Pete
  • Had a haircut
  • Had a relaxing bath
  • Booked wedding cars (finally)
  • Did a couple of Shaun T’s
  • Had a girls night out with my lovely friend
  • Decorated mum’s wedding hat
  • Made the lavender pew-end decorations
  • Made a hydrangea pomander (round is not its strong point)

Things I haven’t done yet on my one week wedding checklist:

  • Epilated ( I know. Get on with that)
  • Organised what I’m doing for my nails
  • Made packets for the confetti
  • Made boutonnieres/bouquets (not a worry until the day, ditto below)
  • Created all of my fresh flower arrangements
  • Got dollars exchanged
  • Packed for the honeymoon
  • Kept up to date with Shaun T
  • Lost a final pound or two
  • Tasted the elderflower champagne
  • Made my oasis topiary balls

And that’s just what I remember. So, whilst I feel like I’ve done loads, in reality, there is approximately three trillion things left on my to do list.

Last night we stayed up really late populating the wedding playlist. Think we got a bit slap-dash towards the end. Expecting a lot of 70s/80s ironic choices…uh oh

Last night I made a nice meal, a ‘final supper’ for us in Leeds.  It was our last night together in Leeds before we go to my parents’ for the weekend and ORGANISE MY LIFE. It was great! A little champagne cocktail, then parmesan crusted sea bream on tomato and sea-stock polenta, with some white wine to boot and some homemade banana cupcakes for dessert (you know where to find the best banana cake recipe!)

So, yes, I AM supposed to be on a diet. And this is how well that’s going:

Belgrave burger


Such is life. I have so much to do, too, especially with the flowers…

But, even if I don’t get everything done, we have a venue, people, food and drink. We have a wedding! The only things left are final touches, which no one knows about other than me (and now you. Woops). And if I don’t get them all done…I don’t get them all done. As long as I’m not upset about it, no one else will be, because they probably won’t even know. Right??! Don’t tell anyone. Promise me.

This is so exciting. It’s like planning the biggest and most important party of my life, with the biggest budget I’ll ever have to play with! It’s also, more importantly, the day me and the Man will show everyone else how much we mean to one another. How could I let any last minute twiddly bits get in the way of how great that is bound to be?! I just need to try to focus on what’s important. There’s a bridezilla in me which has shockingly yet to rear its ugly head…just 6 days left to keep it under wraps…

So, feeling the peace vibes. Long may they last….(cue explosion in t minus 3 days…) x


Let me know what you think