Current Print Projects

As some of you know, I’ve been printing for some time now, and am hoping to step it up a bit. So I’ve collated a page of my current print projects, to give a snapshot of where I am and where I am planning to head!

I’ve got a few different directions going at the moment, but thought I would collate some of the things I’ve done, past and present, which I hope to take forward.

Print Projects Gallery

I have recently done a few prints for weddings and christenings, which I am currently stepping up (please get in touch via my email on the About page if you’re interested in discussing a personalised print). I am channeling Arts&Crafts, William Morris-style flower and fruit patterns, around capital letters – these end up making an amazing bespoke print for weddings (as you can see above), or as a present for someone’s birthday, or christening.

I’m also stepping up the art side of my printing. You can see a wide range of very divergent styles I’ve been trialling recently, but my heart is in the seascape linoprints. Obviously my cards etc showcase this technique too, but I am hoping to create a better and more coherent body of work with the seascapes.

I’ve worked with some monoprinting in a simple sea series above, and also worked out the basics of screenprinting, which you can see in my ‘toucan play’ series in bright colours.

I recently tried intaglio metal plate etching, and enjoyed it massively – I created the eider duck series with this technique.

I’ll keep you updated if I take part in any stalls etc., but do please get in touch if any of the above interests you 🙂



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