Vegan friendly Leeds – Humpit

Humpit isn’t a restaurant per se – but it is sure as hell a place to make your mouth happy after wandering around town at the weekend. I only say it isn’t a restaurant because it is relaxed and sparely decorated – it’s a damn tasty cafe, basically.  If you’re looking for something vegan friendly Leeds can deliver, whether it’s a great Indian like Hansa’s or a Japanese at Little Tokyo – but Humpit is a great spot to catch a bite to eat at the weekend.vegan friendly options in leeds - humpit

Located in the ever-lovely Corn Exchange, the small unit is a-buzz with people who love falafel and hummus in a pitta bread. So, yeah, pretty much everyone then.

Ovegan friendly cafes in leeds - humpitbviously you’re going to want loads of tasty salad and pickles in there, nestled alongside your yummy falafel (I opted for a falafel pitta. There are other options, which revolve around the yumminess of falafel, pitta and salad all stuffed (and I mean stuffed) into a pitta bread.vegan friendly restaurants in leeds - humpit It doesn’t really look that much, does it? And a bit virtuous, or holier than thou? News flash: it ain’t. It’s just mega nice.

vegan friendly leeds - humpitYour falafel in a pitta is £3.50, and it will happily see you through the afternoon with a hummus-y grin on your face. Without a doubt it’s a great shout for a vegan (or vegetarian, meat eater, cannibal – literally, ANYONE) on a Saturday afternoon. Dig in!



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