Where to eat in Leeds this weekend

Happy Friday! Thought I’d drop you a few hints on where to eat in Leeds this weekend. There’s so much amazing local grub in Leeds to try out, so I thought I’d share some faves which won’t break the bank (and live vicariously through you, as I am snuggled up on the sofa feeling under the weather)…

rola wala review

First of all, Rola Wala. I’m a bit of a bitch because I thought this looked totally underwhelming, and I almost didn’t bother sampling. I mean, what’s great about a naan stuffed with…well, stuff? Well, me, EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING is great about a naan stuffed with whatever stuff these guys have created!

rola wala review bbq coriander chickenI visited this little gem in Trinity Kitchen a couple of weeks ago, and was blown away! I can feel a little underwhelmed by Trinity Kitchen – the atmosphere of eating in a mall is just not my thing – so I was totally not ready for how astounding Rola Wala was. I opted for their BBQ coriander chicken tikka, with all manner of veggies and pickles, topped with their yoghurt sauce and then a delicious mix of their sweet (mango and pear, I think?) sauce and their spicy green chilli option. Beware – mage juicy. This picture could NOT do justice. Absolutely bloody yum. GET THERE!

pizza luxe leeds review

Same day, another visit to Pizza Luxe, who I don’t think I’ve reviewed before. Again, as I said, I wouldn’t usually choose Trinity Kitchen for a gastronomic treat (pretty unfair, really, seen as so many of the food stalls in there are top-notch) but Pizza Luxe does do a great pizza. The sizes aren’t exactly generous, but the toppings are really well balanced. I would even say they rival my absolute bosom-buddies Belgrave (Dough Boys) whose “Baa no more” is a definite winner. And definitely better value. And definitely in a better atmosphere. BUT that’s not the point – if you’re in or near Trinity, Pizza Luxe tastes great (this time we sampled the Chorizo pizza, with roasted grapes, goats cheese and honey – sounds funky, tastes like joy. Their crab ravioli are also magnificent).

pizza luxe leeds review

Bird and Beast. Another Leeds food institution. I reviewed them before, and was blown away then – see the blog. Sometimes nothing but roast chicken and chips will do, and these guys do it best (if you say the word Nando’s, be careful, I spit like a llama…)

bird and beast review leeds

We went just before Christmas, and it was BETTER than I remembered. Such juicy, flavoursome chicken with perfectly cooked chips…just make sure you squeeze that lemon on your chicken and then mop up the juices. Seriously. My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

bird and beast leedsAlso some of this, which I have given up for now…we’ll see if I last the weekend…

Hope this has given you some clues on where to eat in Leeds this weekend! It’s only a handful of loads of great places I could mention, but these guys really do simple food right, and for a decent price. Enjoy! x



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